Healthy Soils, healthy food, local and appropriate while sustaining our common livelihoods

The principal functions of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) shall be:

(a) To promote and encourage the development of all phases of the agricultural, pastoral, and horticultural industries; and
(b) To promote and encourage the growing of bananas, citrus, copra, pineapples and other fruit, market garden and other vegetables and stock and poultry; and
(c) To increase the production of and to promote and encourage the marketing and sale of those products.

Over the years, MoA functions have evolved to include strengthening household and National food security and nutrition, research and development into crop and tree species and improved agricultural production methods, including livestock, as well as improving biosecurity to cope with border protection challenges.  MoA has a specific division dedicated to oversight and enforcing national biosecurity regulations as well as complying with international biosecurity agreements and conventions that the Cook Islands have signed.

The Ministry of Agriculture join with FAO in the celebration of International Plant Health Day by spreading awareness on the importance of Plant Protection.

This year’s #PlantHealthDay theme is: Plant Health for Environmental Protection

  1. Keeping plants healthy will protect food sources from harmful pests and diseases, including from damages on the most widely traded crops around the world including banana, coffee, grapes, olives and potatoes.
  2. Protecting plant health helps protect the environment and biodiversity.
  3. Keeping plants healthy helps them mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change and prevents pest incursions.
  4. Preventing the introduction and spread of plant pests helps safeguard local flora, economies and livelihoods.
  5. The introduction and spread of plant pests can be prevented through safe trade of plants and plant products, including those sold and bought online.
  6. Protecting plant health can be achieved by complying with international phytosanitary standards.

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