The Biosecurity Division is responsible for implementing the Biosecurity Act 2008, which applies to every person in the Cook Islands, to protect through surveillance, prevention and eradication from the Cook Islands the entry of pest and diseases affecting animals, plants, human beings and the environment. It applies to all conveyances, containers and goods while they are in the Cook Islands, including vessels and aircraft owned or operated by the Government of a foreign state.  The Act binds the State and every Government Department, statutory authority and corporation and every person in the employment of the Government.

The major functions of the Biosecurity Division are divided into two sections:

  • Monitoring the borders for all entry and exit processes
  • Ensure our borders are secured from plant /animal pests and diseases invasion from abroad or other countries
  • Ensure that our agricultural export products are in compliance with “Importing Countries” requirements in terms of: Quarantine Treatment, Export Standards, Packaging Standards, Labeling and Export Trade agreements in relation to SPS and IPPC Standards, etc.
  • Issuing Biosecurity Import and Export Permits

Monitoring in-country biosecurity systems including Pa Enua capacity and transfer of plants material between islands Pests Surveillance and monitoring each fortnight especially for fruit fly

  • Provide support to Codex Alimentarius and IPPC Standards
  • Establish partnership and provide technical support with the Pa Enua on biosecurity border control measures.

Think before your travel – understand the consequences of your actions

How often do we travel and buy wooden curios, flowers or agricultural products to take home to your friends and family? THINK before you do this – you could be taking pests back to your country that could result in a very significant negative economic, food security or environmental impact.

Prevention is better than cure, be responsible for your actions!