Cabbages for dinner tonight!

Cabbages for dinner tonight! Senior students at Apii Avarua are participating in the first school growing programme to encourage them into agriculture careers. The programme is in partnership with Korero o te Orau, Te Ipukarea Society and the Ministry of Health. The Agriculture Ministry said the programme involved teaching students the benefits of growing their […]

Fencing or tying dogs may be ‘new reality’

Fencing or tying dogs may be ‘new reality’ Agriculture investigators unable to confirm cause of dog’s poisoning. Te Are Manu vet clinic president Patricia Barton has slammed the recent deaths of dogs from pesticide poisoning as tragic and totally unnecessary. Last week a family had to euthanase their family dog Timmie, after they say he […]

The ‘cruel’ poisoning of pet dog

The ‘cruel’ poisoning of pet dog The suspected poisoning of a family pet has brought new demands for a ban on the lethal herbicide paraquat. A family are calling on locals to be vigilant and know where their animals are at all times. Nick Carter and his family have lost their two-and-a-half-year-old dog Timmie – […]

Kids to be taught to grow food

Kids to be taught to grow food The agriculture ministry has created a pilot school garden programme in partnership with the Korero O te Orau, to teach about agriculture and its importance for livelihoods. Grower Danny Mataroa says the programme is good for the children – and good for our future. People seemed to think […]

Pressure for pesticides ban

Pressure for pesticides ban Paraquat bans give new momentum to calls for Cook Islands to go organic. Fiji has this month become the third Pacific Island nation in quick succession to restrict the pesticide Paraquat as well as the insecticide Imidacloprid. Fiji’s agriculture minister Mahendra Reddy said the hazardous chemicals caused extreme effects on human […]