JOINT MEDIA RELEASE- Reminder from Customs and Biosecurity


Customs and Biosecurity want to remind people of their obligations at the border

The Comptroller of the Cook Islands Customs Service, Xavier Mitchell, is concerned about the increase in Cook Islanders asking other people to bring goods and items into the Cook Islands on their behalf. He notes that while this is not a new phenomenon and not illegal his staff have observed an increase in such requests appearing on social media sites. He wants to remind people that if they agree to carry goods on behalf of other people to make sure they are aware of what goods they are carrying and to declare them upon arrival in the Cook Islands.

Ngatoko Ta Ngatoko, the Director of the Biosecurity Division of the Ministry of Agriculture echoes these concerns and reminds all travellers that the only way we will preserve our way of life and pristine environment in the Cook Islands is if everyone plays their part in ensuring unwanted pests and organisms do not get across our border. He wants to remind everyone that you alone are responsible and liable for the goods that you have in your possession when you cross international borders.

If you have asked someone to carry goods on your behalf make sure you are not putting them in a position where they are unwittingly breaking the law.

If you have agreed to carry goods on behalf of someone else ensure that you know what the goods are, that you are not breaking any laws by carrying them and most importantly make sure they are declared on arrival in the Cook Islands.

For more information please contact Customs or Biosecurity.


 Customs: +682 29510 or by email to [email protected]

 Biosecurity: +682 28711 or by email to [email protected]