Snails and slugs are a large problem for vegetable growers as they are fast breeding and attack most plants. They enjoy wet weather and often come out at night.

                                  Brown Leatherback slug
Land Snail




Coconut husks Flatworms
Fallen logs Centipedes
Old roofing iron Ground beetles
Old tyres
Check stored timber
Unused pot plants
Organic garden waste (dried leaves)
Dumped household rubbish


Slugs hiding in coconut shell daytimes                                      Flatworms control slugs snails

To catch snails and slugs without the use of chemicals, place wet cardboard around the perimeter of your garden. These will attract the snails and slugs to be collected and destroyed.

To halt their breeding, squash any eggs that you may find in your garden. Slug eggs look like drops of honey on a string. Snail eggs are very similar but can be white rather than the brown of a slugs eggs. Just squash the eggs to ensure that they don’t hatch.


slug eggs                                                                                        snail eggs