Proposed Agriculture Bill 2020


Proposed Agriculture Bill 2020

The proposed Agriculture Bill 2020 was tabled with Cabinet on the 15 and 16th June 2020.  Following a healthy debate, the Bill was recommended to a Select Committee for further consultation with the public.  The Ministry of Agriculture welcomes this decision as it presents another opportunity to seek the views of the public.

This new Bill will:

  • Repeal the Ministry of Agriculture Act 1978;
  • Apply to all of the Cook Islands;

The purpose of the new Bill is to:

  • provide for the development of sustainable agricultural practices:
  • provide for new data collection powers and procedures to be used in relation to agriculture:
  • regulate the agriculture industry:
  • provide for inspectors and specify their powers and the procedures they must follow:
  • enable the regulatory regime in this Act to apply to all of the Cook Islands:
  • enable the establishment of specific advisory committees to assist with the carrying out of functions under this Act.

The Select Committee nominated and approved by Parliament will be led by the Hon. Patrick Arioka as Chairman and will need to complete all consultations and be ready to report back to Parliament on or before the 30th September 2020.

To view the English version of the New Bill : FINAL Cook Islands Agriculture Bill June 2020

To view Maori version of the New Bill: Agriculture Bill 2020 Maori

The Ministry is therefore seeking constructive feedback or expressions of interest for submissions on your views on the proposed Agriculture Bill 2020 so that further revisions can be made to the Bill to further manage the agricultural sector in the Cook Islands, and to facilitate sustainable development in that sector.  The closing date for submissions on the Bill is on Friday 04 September 2020.

Any interested parties wanting an audience with the Select Committee or have feedback to provide, please contact Margret Numanga at Parliament Services on [email protected] or Head of Ministry of Agriculture Mrs. Temarama Anguna-Kamana on [email protected]


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